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160+ Companies. Distribution to tens of thousands of Potential Investors.  Alan Brockstein's 420 Investor is a must website for anyone interested in investing in the cannabis/marijuana space.  We recommend your signing up for Alan's website.  420 Investor is the leading online community for collaborative due diligence of the publicly-traded cannabis-related stocks.  Led by CFA Alan Brochstein, who offers timely information along with analysis and insight, 420 Investor will help you stay on top of the rapidly changing sector.
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Grass Roots Research and Distribution, Inc. is an Investor Relations firm focused on Investor Awareness programs for its clients.  When the words 'research' and 'report' are used in our reports, websites, disclaimers, distribution, Information, documents, programs and commercial products, they mean commercial advertisements, aka report/release/advertisementsWe distribute in depth customized commercial advertisements from selectively commissioned and carefully chosen outside analysts who are highly credentialed in their industries. We also distribute other relevant material and create marketing campaigns for corporate products and services. Over the years, Grass Roots Research* and Cohen Research* have written documents on more than 1,000+ companies.  
We entered the investment awareness market with  in March, 2009.  Our commercial advertisements and distribution programs potentially reach millions of interested  investors and prospects.  Our investor awareness programs are tools that help day traders, long term investors, stock traders, retail investors, institutional investors and our client companies.  
While our distribution programs are in house, if asked, we will consider 'quarterbacking' certain distribution programs with other third party firms, thus expanding a client's total audience.   Quarterbacking is similar to selling groups and secondary offerings some years past.  We do not charge a fee for our quarterbacked deals.  Rather, we contribute tens of thousands of names in databases in which we have access to a given promotion.  We believe our quarterbacked prices are among the lowest in the industry.  We internally monitor the promoters in the promotion industry on a daily/weekly basis.  We know the best; many know of us.   Numbers of promotional firms in a quarterbacked campaign comprise multiple websites, thus creating multiple websites for a given campaign. 
We have two websites: and

We Reach:
  1. Our commercial advertisements and email distribution potentially reach a network of tens of thousands of retail investors and a majority of all institutions unavailable to most promotional, IR and PR firms. 
  2. If requested, we will consider quarterbacking via Third Party websites reaching potentially millions of prospective investors by email marketing, daily via blogs, social networks, subscription lists, telemarketing etc. -  Ask
  1. Commercial Advertisement Reports:  Ask
  2. Email Distribution:  Tens of thousands of names:  Ask
  3. Cohen Press Release MultiplierTM expands your press release program to markets unavailable to most IR, PR, Investor Awareness firms and IR internal corporate departments. Ask
  4. Consulting:   Ask
  5. Creative e-mail Designs.  Ask
  1. Expand shareholder base
  2. Finds new investors 
  3. Creates investor awareness
  4. Seeks long term investors 



Please access our financial content for your daily stock market use. We have more comprehensive financial content on our website than any fundamental research firm in the USA.

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